How can I confirm my distributors? [Portfolio Manager]

Before your brand or producer profiles go live to distributors and buyers, you need to select the companies you work with. By confirming a working relationship with distributors, this indicates to SevenFifty with whom to share your content.  

To confirm your distributor partners, click on the My Company tab and select the My Distributors subtab. SevenFifty displays distributors who indicate they work with your brands. We understand that there can be situations where you do not sell to a particular distributor anymore. Uncheck the box next to any distributor(s) that you do not work with.

Once you have reviewed the entire list, click the Confirm distributors button at the bottom of the page. This will make your brand/producer profiles display to distributors and buyers.

Note: This list of distributors only includes those who work with SevenFifty. If some of your distributors are not indicated in this list, they might not be working with us yet. Contact for further information. 

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