What is the difference between a company and brand profile? [Portfolio Manager]

The Portfolio Manager plan on SevenFifty gives you the ability to share additional marketing materials and content on your brands. There are two types of profiles: a company level profile and a brand level profile. 

Company Profile

A company profile has general information about your company, including contact information, and links all of your producer or brand profiles. Your company profile provides you with a permanent link on SevenFifty to direct distributors and buyers to your hub of content.

You can also share this link to nonmembers of SevenFifty. They can access any marketing materials you indicate as public. 

Click here to read more on how to set up a company profile. 

Brand or Producer Profile

A producer or brand profile includes specific information about the winery, brewery, or distillery you represent and is linked directly in search results for distributors or buyers. You can include marketing material such as press clippings, shelf talkers, images, sales tips, and more for your producer or brand.

Click here to read more on how to create producer or brand profiles. 

Note: If you are a producer, it is best to create both a company and brand level profile. Brand level profile(s) are where you can upload marketing materials for those products. 

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