How do I create a company profile? [Portfolio Manager]

Your company profile can be shared with your distributor partners, buyers, or even members of the public to link to your hub of content on SevenFifty. Click on the My Content tab and select the Create your profile link near the top of the page.


Enter in your company details, including:

  • URL slug
  • company logo
  • company website
  • contact information
  • social media accounts
  • company description

Click the Publish button to create your company profile. You can edit any of the fields at any time.

To learn more about the difference between brand or producer profiles and a company profile, click here

Note: The Slug field will create the link you can use to share your company and brand profiles externally. Avoid spaces in a URL slug. For example, the company SevenFifty Imports would enter “sevenfiftyimports” in the Slug field, not “sevenfifty imports”. 

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