How to create sales collateral for market visits

Lists are a versatile tool that you can use for market visits to on or off premise accounts, distributor trainings, consumer dinners, or other events. You can create Lists while browsing your portfolio in the Market tab.

Click on the AddtoList.png button on a product you would like to add to your list. To create a new List, you can enter the name into the field in this dropdown menu and click the Create.png button. Add the other products by clicking on the AddtoList.png button and selecting your new list in the dropdown menu. A black check mark is indicated when the item has been added to a list.


You can also add a product to an existing list by selecting the name. If you added an item by mistake, simply click the name of the list to remove it. You will see the check mark disappear, indicating this has been removed.

Click on the Lists subtab to customize with special pricing, descriptions, and more. You can drag and drop items into the tasting order. To add price quotes for deeper discounts or special pricing, click the Add price quotes price link under the distributor's provided pricing.


To add product or producer descriptions, click on the More.png button. Finally, you can enter in custom notes by entering them in the field below the product information.    


You can share your list in a variety of ways. First, you can generate PDFs of Lists by clicking on the PDF options button. Select the customization options you would like on your PDF and click the Generate PDF link. You can save the PDF to your device to either email it or print it.


By clicking the Sharing.png button and selecting the Make Public link, you will be able to share the list with anyone, trade or consumer. Only members of SevenFifty will see wholesale pricing or distribution information. You can always change a list back to private.

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